The Top 20 Marketable IT Skills In 2014

The Business Insider ranked the top 20 Marketable IT Skills.

The results are outlined below, ranked from highest to lowest.

  1. Salesforce Architect
  1. Security Architect
  1. DevOps
  1. Android Developer
  1. Front-End Developers with Javascript Libraries
  1. iOS Developer
  1. Project Manager
  1. Data Architect
  1. Big Data Engineer – Hadoop, Netezza, and Cloudera are the most requested platforms.
  1. Data Scientist – Specifically, data scientists with “big data” platform and/or Machine Learning experience.
  1. UX/UI Developers – Those with mobile device experience are in the greatest demand.
  1. Drupal Developer
  1. Augmented Reality Developers – The most popular tools in augmented reality are ARToolKit, Unity3D, Vuforia and Metaio.
  1. Network or Systems Security Engineer
  1. Systems Engineer – Those with stronger scripting and coding experience are in greater demand.
  1. PHP Developer
  1. C#/.Net Developer – Developers with WCF or WPF experience are valued more.
  1. Quality Assurance Engineer – The most requested testing tool experience has been either Selenium, QuickTest Pro or Cucumber.
  1. Middleware Engineer – Middleware engineers with Java-specific application servers including JBoss, Websphere or Weblogic are specifically in demand.
  1. Interactive Designer