Five IT Hiring Trends This Year

According to Information Week, this year has been shaping up as a bright one for Technology and Engineering professionals. In a survey of 860 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters, 73% reported planning to hire more candidates in the next six months, and 24% percent said their additional hiring will be substantial. The increase in IT Hiring Trends is good news for anyone looking to make a change this year.

But expect the IT landscape to change as well. Here’s a look at five predictions on technology skills, evolving roles, and how social media will change recruiting.

  1. The Need for Big Data Skill

Big data demands a new breed of data scientists, and advancements in mobility, social, and sensing technologies rely on resetting the design and architecture of applications and user interfaces. Data scientists and data analytics leaders will be essential, especially in the consulting, retail, and banking markets.

  1. SAP Voids Are Still Hard To Fill

There is still a high demand for SAP database skills. Assigning full-time resources to the SAP space is very difficult for businesses, but the demand for these people and skills will still be high. It’s hard to find database people now and it will become harder.

  1. CIO Roles Expand With More Responsibilities

The CIO role is undergoing an evolution that positions it as more critical to most organizations than ever before. The CIO’s focus has migrated from the back office to the boardroom, making the role more visible, in greater demand than ever before.

  1. Recruiting Gets More Social

Today everyone has a social footprint, and all this information offers a richer profile of candidates than ever before. Your social footprint can be a pro or con when you’re looking for a new job. Be wary of how you present yourself online, and take steps to improve your online presence. This might include answering questions in forums related to your profession or starting a blog. The goal is to provide Google and other search engines with a signal of your professional self, rather than silence when recruiters or hiring managers search for you.

  1. Talent Management Becomes Social

Although social media has changed how businesses recruit talent, it is also changing how they retain it. Organizations are searching for a means to not only recruit the right candidates, but more importantly, retain and nurture the talent to become passionate, engaged, and loyal. In 2014, we’ve begun to see organizations tapping social and behavioral data to better understand what is important to employees, what motivates them, and why they stay with an organization.